Hood dishwasher, mechanical, rack 50×50 cm, max h=44 cm




Constructed in stainless steel. Counterbalanced hood with handle and spring system. Double rotating wash and rinse system, top and bottom, in stainlesssteel. 440 mm hood opening (Accepts GN 1/1 trays). Continuous wash cycle up to 10’. Rounded tank to facilitate washing and drainage. Stainless steel armoured heating elements in the wash tank and rinseboiler. Multi-voltage: Allows the machine to be connected to a single-phaseor three-phase voltage network. AISI-304 stainless steel filter trays in the wash tank. Thermostatic control of temperatures (wash, 60°C, and rinse, 90°C). Thermal stop system which guarantees a rinse temperature of 85°C. Safety stop switch in hood opening. Safety thermostat. Mechanical – analogue control. Rinse with thermostop system. Alternating or simultaneous tank and boiler heating. Equipped with: Rinse aid and peristaltic detergent doser. 1 basic basket, 1 basket for plates 2 cutlery holders.Standard delivery: 400V/ 3F+N. Dimensions: 890x760x1600 mm; Weight Gross 114 kg; Voltage: 230/400; Packaging Qty.: 1; Frequency: 50; Fase: 3F+N; KW Electric: 3,6 | 6,6 | 11,1 (32A); Productivity: 40-30-20 baskets/h; Control: mechanical; Capacity: basket 500×500 mm, max h=440 mm; Supply: electric; Water inlet: 3/4; Catalogue page: 365CS.

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Svoris 92 kg
Išmatavimai 630 × 750 × 1465 cm


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