Airbox with high-efficiency EC motor outside the airflow, 3000 m³/h

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EC-Technology is intelligent technology, it is based on the optimal use of the motors through an integrated electronic control. EC fans are characterized by their economical use of energy and their excellent controllability. The speed can be adjusted and work by that way more efficient. Therefore, they consume significantly less energy than AC-fans with the same air output. Another special feature of EC motors is their energy-saving potential not only in full-load operation but also in part-load operation. In part-load operation, they lose far less of their efficiency than asynchronous motors of the same power. A reduction in energy consumption guarantees a reduction in operating costs. High efficiency EC engine out of the airflow. Control with potentiometer. Medium temperature up to 120°C. Blow-out position variable. Housing double-walled. Housing with condensate tray and 1″ drain. Volume flow optimized motor plate. High quality seals. Revision door with handle and quick release.42 dB(A), IP 55. Dimensions: 0x0x0 mm; Weight Gross 34 kg; Voltage: 230; Packaging Qty.: 1; Frequency: 50; Fase: 1F+N; KW Electric: 0,313; Speed: 1; Capacity: 3000 m³/h; Supply: electric; Catalogue page: 354CS.

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Svoris 31.2 kg
Išmatavimai 500 × 500 × 500 cm


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