Dishwasher, mechanical, rack 50×50 cm, max h=33,5 cm

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• Stainless steel pressed body and inclined washing tank • Drawn tank base housing filter (Hygenic) • 2.8 lt water consumption per cycle • Automatic, user friendly electromechanical control panel • 2 Washing Programms – Cycle 120/ 180 seconds • Saves energy, detergent and water • Washing arms in stainless steel • Adjustable feet for height optimization • Easy start up: one button to fill in and heat water in the boiler tank • Electrical components and cabling according to international standarts and security regulations. • Completely sealed body to guarantee IPX5 water protection • Thermostat-controlled rinse and washing temparature for efficient washing • Non-return – Check valve System • Washing temperature at 55-60°C (water supply at a minimum of 2 bar and 50°C) • Rinsing temperature at 80-85°C (water supply at a minimum of 2 bar and 50°C) Dimensions: 700x740x1000 mm; Weight Gross 75 kg; Voltage: 230/400; Packaging Qty.: 1; Frequency: 50; Fase: 1/3F+N; KW Electric: 3,6 | 5,4; Working temperature: Washing water temperature 55-60°C, Rinsing water temperature 80-85°C; Productivity: 35-18 baskets/h; Control: mechanical; Capacity: basket 50×50 cm; Supply: electric; Water inlet: 3/4; Water outlet: Ø50 mm; Catalogue page: 362CS.

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Svoris 70 kg
Išmatavimai 595 × 650 × 830 cm


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